The New Bread Basket

I followed my love of flour back to the field and wrote a book about the people who are trailblazing new paths to beer and bread.

The New Bread Basket is a love story about grain and the people captivated within its embrace. It is about community, connections, and conversations. From the history to the science to the passionate individuals and organizations involved, Amy’s book will open your eyes to the revelations taking place every day in the name of grains. Expressive and eloquent, her writing reveals a personal journey that both informs and inspires. As a baker, I give Amy’s book my highest recommendation. Reading it is truly a pleasure!”–Ciril Hitz, master bread baker and author, Baking Artisan Bread


Rowan Jacobsen called the NBB the bible of the movement in On the Rise: New England Artisan Bread, Yankee Magazine

LA Times Book of the Week, May 2016

Food Tank’s Fall Reading List

Find The New Bread Basket at your local independent bookstore, Chelsea Green, Amazon or other online versions of terrific bookstores including Powells and the Strand.