Fresh Flour Resources


Here are a few tools to begin exploring this new ingredient.

Artisan Grain Collaborative Regional Map – This national map features the whole grain chain: farms, mills, bakeries, advocacy groups, conferences. Hunt for what you want where you want it, and if you see a hole, there’s a form right on the map page for updates. 

GrowNYC Grains – Head here for all kinds of fresh flour & malt facts and inspiration. GrowNYC Grains was and is a key player in establishing a grainshed in the Northeast. If you want one place to burrow for regional grain resources, from fact sheets to videos and purchasing opps, this is your spot.  

New American Stone Mills – These are the mills fueling a revolution in grains around the world. Whenever I travel, I look here for places I want to visit.

Thousand Bites of Bread – My friend Adrian has lots of information for all your baking and milling curiosities. If you’ve got questions about what bakeries to visit, and home milling, head over to her site.

Milling Books

If most of these texts seem ancient, that’s because info on milling disappeared as mills disappeared from communities, about 100-150 years ago.  You can look for these titles digitized online, and many are reprinted and available through Abe Books, which is an online portal for independently run used bookstores.

Report on Vienna Bread – Eben Norton Horsford

Wheat Flour Milling – Elieser S. Posner and Arthur N. HIbbs

The Young Mill-Wright and Millers Guide – Oliver Evans

Grist and Flour Mills in Ontario – F. Leung

Wheat and the Flour Mill, a Handbook for Practical Flour Millers – E. Bradfield

Flour Lab – Adam Leonti

Watermills and Stoneground Flour Milling – Nigel S. Harris

Mill City: A Visual History of Minneapolis Milling District 

Practical Milling – B.W. Dedrick

Flour for Man’s Bread – Storck & Teague

Eastern Washington’s Vanishing Gristmills and the Men Who Ran Them

Flour Milling in Washington State